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Sean Penn Tries Blocking Netflix Documentary Suggesting He Ratted Out El Chapo  (TMZ)

Sean Penn is using a full-court press to either block or re-edit a Netflix documentary that suggests Penn ratted out El Chapo by alerting the United States Dept. of Justice of his whereabouts. Multiple sources involved in the documentary --…

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 20:19

Sofia Carson admires Disney stars  (Female First)

Sofia Carson admires Selena Gomez and Zendaya.

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 20:17

Lindsay Lohan: No-one cared about my abuse allegations  (Female First)

Lindsay Lohan has claimed no-one cared when she accused her former fianc Egor Tarabasov of abusing her.

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 19:28

LFO Singer Devin Lima Diagnosed with Tumor, Having Life-Saving Surgery  (TMZ)

LFO singer Devin Lima is going into surgery after doctors found a massive tumor -- and the health scare comes 7 years after his fellow bandmate died of leukemia.  Sources close to the group tell TMZ, doctors went in Thursday morning…

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 17:57

Joan Rivers to appear in Fashion Police finale  (Female First)

The late Joan Rivers will feature in a spectacular Fashion Police finale, when the hit show comes to an end after over 20 years on air.

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 17:12

Shia LaBeouf ordered to take anger management class  (Female First)

Shia LaBeouf is to undertake anger management classes.

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 17:04

RZA claims Russell Crowe did spit towards Azealia Banks  (Female First)

Russell Crowe did spit towards Azealia Banks during their hotel room clash, RZA has claimed.

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 17:00

Nicole Kidman dances to Keith Urban songs  (Female First)

Nicole Kidman loves dancing to Keith Urbans music.

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 16:00

Rose McGowan pulls out of public appearance  (Female First)

Rose McGowan has pulled out of her upcoming public appearances after accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape.

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 16:00

Penny Lancaster-Stewart: I was raped as a teen  (Female First)

Lady Penny Lancaster-Stewart was drugged and raped as a teenager.

Dátum: 2017. 10. 19. 14:41

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