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Jay-Z has great relationship with Solange  (Female First)

Jay-Z insists hes only ever had one argument with Solange Knowles.

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 23:41

Stars pay tribute to Jerry Lewis  (Female First)

Jamie Lee Curtis, Jim Carrey and Dame Joan Collins have paid tribute to the late Jerry Lewis.

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 22:33

Jerry Lewis dies  (Female First)

Jerry Lewis has died.

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 20:43

Matt LeBlanc turned down Modern Family  (Female First)

Matt LeBlanc turned down a role in Modern Family because he felt his casting would do an injustice to the show.

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 20:28

Carly Rae Jepsen thinks Katy Perry tour delay will be worth it  (Female First)

Carly Rae Jepsen thinks Katy Perrys delayed tour will be worth the wait.

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 20:00

Sean Kingston wants arrest warrant scrapped  (Female First)

Sean Kingston has asked a judge to drop a warrant for his arrest.

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 20:00

Jerry Lewis Dead at 91 (UPDATE)  (TMZ)

7:15 PM PT -- The White House has issued a statement on the death of Jerry Lewis, saying ... "Jerry Lewis kept us all laughing for over half a century, and his incredible charity work touched the lives of millions. Jerry lived the American Dream --…

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 19:48

Ric Flair is communicating  (Female First)

Ric Flair is awake, communicating and progressing.

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 18:21

Jay-Z to arrive in style at V  (Female First)

Jay-Z is to fly in on an 80 million helicopter for his V Festival performance on Sunday 20.08.17.

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 18:00

Riley Keough: Being a Presley helped my career  (Female First)

Riley Keough admits that being part of the famous Presley dynasty has helped her career.

Dátum: 2017. 08. 20. 10:46

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